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    Each Thursday morning you will receive your latest small cap report giving you the information you need to buy ASX listed small caps and to manage your small cap portfolio.

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    Every portfolio should hold 20-30% in small caps for growth. A dividend yield of 6% now won’t keep you living well when you retire and don’t have a salary. Our value based investment process ensures our experts select cheap stocks with Big Potential.

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    Our top 10 BUY recommendations are in one simple table so you can see which stocks we recommend you buy now.

  • Generate big returns

    Under the Radar’s universe of 2,000 plus companies means that we can find good companies at cheap prices. Our average annual return of 20% plus proves this.

"It's great to see one of the sector's best commentators in action. "
David Paradice
Founder of Paradice Investment Mangement
"I've noted some of Richard's stock picks in the Sydney Morning Herald. He is someone both investors and companies should listen to. "
Gary Weiss
Under The Radar Blog
8% yield, strong earnings and big growth prospects Where else but Under the Radar could you find a stock which has a big yield, underpinned by existing earnings and big growth prospects. But  ..

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An investment analyst and
financial journalist and small cap specialist.
Richard is the editor for
'Under the Radar Report'.