Under the Radar Report's Investment Committee

Under the Radar, edited by Richard Hemming, is managed by an investment committee whose principal responsibility is to act as a sounding board both for the small cap stock and small cap share tip ideas we generate and for our Australian small cap model portfolio.

The committee overall will look regularly at the small cap portfolio’s composition, as well as the small cap ideas generated more broadly by the editorial team.

Geoff Wilson
Geoff Wilson has been involved in the markets for longer than he’d care to admit.
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Karl Siegling
Karl has over 15 years’ investment experience in the financial sector both in Australia and overseas.
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Richard Hemming
Richard is a journalist and investment specialist who writes for many leading media groups and specializes in commentary on small listed companies.
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The Idle Speculator
The Idle Speculator's experience includes a number of years in the early 90s in the UK as a senior investment analyst at what was the world’s largest privately owned mutual fund manager.
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