5 big themes for Small Caps: Under the Radar15.10.2012

In our next issue we are lucky to provide subscribers with an interview with one of the Small Cap world's real up and comers, Chris Prunty of Ausbil Dexia's micro caps fund.

Chris co-manages the fund with Tony Waters and since kicking it off in February 2010, the pair have  already doubled their initial investors' money. What's more, they are quickly growing their fund under management.

Ausbil gives us the low down on the five big themes that are affecting investment markets at this point, and how they're making money from those themes - which stocks they're buying and what they're selling. For example:
Prunty: “Certainty of yield is important, and the market is willing to pay up for increasing certainty, which is a trend in both large and small caps.”

The proof is in the pudding, which in this case means Australian 10 year bonds, which are only paying a yield of 3 per cent. But the Ausbil small caps team sees a trend that favours small caps with growing dividends.

In our next issue Chris tells us the stocks his fund has been buying that deliver on this trend, and more.

We thoroughly enjoy taking you on our journey, hunting for profits from an interesting section of the market. Subscribers get the full rundown of Radar’s tips performance in our Tips Tracker. DOWNLOAD it now from the website.

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Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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