90 Stocks, 31 Buys, Radar's Research Rundown16.03.2016

This week’s issue is a genuine must read for those looking to gain both a helicopter over view of our universe and where our bottom up or value based research philosophy has led us.

We have systematically gone through the 90 Small Caps that we cover, providing both investment metrics and our latest views. This report, out today, includes 31 buying opportunities at various levels of risk.

We have generated an average return of 47% on each of our stock tips over the past four and a half years.

Below is the first page of the report for you, covering the first 9 small cap stocks.
The companies are listed in alphabetic order and below is the first page of an 11 page report. As you can see we are upfront about our performance and we have given you the information on 1300 Smiles, 360 Capital, Alliance Aviation, APN News & Media, ASG Group, Atcor Medical, Austal and Bellamy's Australia.


If you want all of the 90 companies, please take out a subscription for instant access. When you find a stock you are interested in, you simply search for the stock on our website and you will see all the reports we have written on the stock.

What Under the Radar analysts look for in a Small Cap Stock

To re-iterate what we look for in a Small Cap stock, which we define initially as those with a market capitalisation under $300m:

Genuine Growth

Businesses such as the biotech Sirtex Medical (SRX) and organic baby formula marketer Bellamy’s Australia (BAL) which can grow earnings at high rates regardless of the level of economic activity. These companies often look expensive on conventional indicators and do not come along very often.


Stocks which were big but have fallen fowl of the market and are trading in the Small Cap universe. Two examples of this are APN Media (APN) and the contractor UGL, which have both delivered spectacular returns.

Sometimes we find stocks with the immediate value propositions of healthy dividend yields and above average growth. A good example of this over the years has been furniture retailer Nick Scali (NCK).

Hidden gems

Stocks where there is hidden value.

Some Small Caps are under valued because investors look only at the headline earnings, which can contain loss making businesses. An example of this has been IT services group Macquarie Telecom (MAQ).

Small talk: Quote of the week

“The strategy is right for Mayne Pharma (MYX) and Scott Richards and his team are good operators.The company needs more drug approvals to keep boosting the near term prospects, however.”

The Idle Speculator, Radar’s Portfolio Manager

*In 3 years MYX has more than quadrupled in price.

How to use this special small cap report

Research Rundown

The companies are listed in alphabetic order. If you find a stock you are interested in, you should go into our website and search for it. This provides you with all the reports we have written on the stock.

Download it from our website

We have also uploaded the excel file onto our website under the “Stock Research” tab on the left, then under “All Company Research”. There is also a button on the right titled, “DOWNLOAD THE FULL LIST (XLS)”, which you click. Once you have downloaded the file, you can sort it in any order you wish eg by rating or performance.

About the Author

Caroline Mark

Caroline is the publisher of Under the Radar Report. She has a diverse background, from producing financial publications, to fundraising and marketing.

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