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35 Small Cap Buying Opportunities
Delivered 36% returns

Tomorrow’s issue is a genuine “must read” for those looking to gain both a helicopter over view as well as insight into the world of Small Caps. It's a different style of report this week and we give you a rundown on each of the 98 stocks that we cover.

We have systematically gone through all our companies and we give you the investment metrics and our latest views.

Our record
We have generated an average return of close to 36% on each of our stock tips over the past four years.

35 Buying opportunities
In tomorrow’s run down we have over 35 buying opportunities at various levels of risk.

To re-iterate what Under the Radar Report looks for in small cap stocks:

Genuine Growth – those such as Sirtex Medical and Bellamy’s Australia which can grow earnings at high rates regardless of the level of general economic activity. Sirtex has returned more than five-fold in just over three years, while Bellamy’s has almost trebled in under 7 months!

Once Were Warriors – stocks which were big but have fallen fowl of the market and are now trading in the Small Cap universe. A classic example of this has been
APN Media, which more than trebled over two years, before we told subscribers to take profits.

Chugaluggers – stocks that present value propositions ie strong dividend yields combined with above average growth. An example of this has been Nick Scali, which has almost trebled in the past few years.

Secret Santa – stocks where there is hidden value. Some small caps are under valued because investors look only at the headline earnings which can contain loss making businesses. An example of this is Macquarie Telecom, which has returned 64% in the past 11 months.

Every portfolio should have 7-10 small caps in it for growth. Do you have small caps in yours? Let Under the Radar guide you in buying small caps.

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Caroline Mark

Caroline is the publisher of Under the Radar Report. She has a diverse background, from producing financial publications, to fundraising and marketing.

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