A quick comment on the Reckon buyback12.06.2014

Reckon just announced it had signed a selective buy-back agreement for Intuit's 11.5 per cent holding at a 13 per cent discount to current levels ($2.13). We  take a quick look at what this means.

The funding of $27.4m will not be a problem because Reckon's balance sheet is strong, with net debt of only about $15m.

We reguard it as a minor positive because the overhang has been removed and it’s a sign of management’s confidence, because it already has a sizeable position.

The company was already planning to buy back about 8 per cent of the 10 buy back announced last year. So, it means they get this stock on the cheap.

It is a minor positive because there are much bigger issues for the company than this, ie the take up of its new products.


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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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