A stock with an 8% yield and big growth prospects in tomorrow's report.29.04.2015

8% yield, strong earnings and big growth prospects

Where else but Under the Radar could you find a stock which has a big yield, underpinned by existing earnings and big growth prospects.

But wait, there’s more. This company has a solid track record of paying dividends, zero debt and loads of cash.

Tomorrow, subscribers will find out which stock we’re talking about.

More stock updates

As you know we give regular updates on the companies we cover. Tomorrow we tell subscribers what we think of eServGlobal (ESV) having spoken to the new executive chairman, who informs us of the company’s latest developments.

We cover off on BigAir (BGL), Traffic Technologies (TTI), Medical Developments (MVP) and more.

All you have to do is wait one more sleep (if you’re a subscriber).

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