African opportunities13.03.2012

Just arrived back from meeting a lot of interesting companies, and some more than interesting people.

Much of the action in Africa is centred in a little country called Liberia. This is because it's relatively safe (with the first female president in Africa) and is coastal.

The only hook is that these companies are early stage. The ones I spoke to were Middle Island Resources, which is favoured by one of the top fund managers in the sector - it's only small, but Rick Yeates and his team have about 100 years of experience between them.

Another little one that seems like a hot prospect is Tawana. The boss there, Len Kolff worked for Rio Tinto and was instrumental in finding the giant Simandou iron ore prospect in Guinea. This is the biggest iron ore deposit in the world. It seems his little gold exploration company has stumbled on a big iron ore find of its own - in Liberia. He told me how he was dancing around the taxi as he realised what he was on to. Pretty surreal stuff.

I also heard tales of blood gold being the new blood diamonds. More of that tomorrow.

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Caroline Mark

Caroline is the publisher of Under the Radar Report. She has a diverse background, from producing financial publications, to fundraising and marketing.

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