Alternative or what?25.10.2011

Check out tomorrow's Australian newspaper and you will read my articles in the Wealth section on Alternative investments.

 I'll be on Boardroom radio with two of the interviewees - Suzanne Tavill, who heads up alternatives at AMP Capital, and Nick Ryder, the global strategist for NAB.

I cover off on hedge funds, private equity, comic book purchases raking in $1.1 million, and more. It's more interesting than shopping in your average street stall in Ninbin.

One thing I did notice was how hard the private bankers are pushing hedge funds. Anyone would think they hadn't read about the many instances of fraud blighting that sector. There will always be people promoting "we can make you money no matter what the economic environment". Tavill was quite good at saying that it is still very much a case of "buyer beware", and that the onus is still very much on the investor to investigate a hedge fund's fudiciary requirements, as well as the theme it runs on, and whether it can really diversify your investment portfolio.

Lastly, the Aus articles come up with the news that super funds are bailing out of Aus private equity and into offshore operators. You heard it here first.

Also, just polishing next issue's fundie - I'm speaking to the Australian Ethical Fund. These guys go heavy into the biotech world, which is what I used to cover at the Investors Chronicle in the UK. It's a high risk world, sort of like playing "molecular roulette" if you asked me. Some stocks you can never really know what's going on.

The stock tip I've been working on is a real turnaround story. This could literally be a "four bagger"... or it might not be.

Must be off, so toot toot.



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Caroline is the publisher of Under the Radar Report. She has a diverse background, from producing financial publications, to fundraising and marketing.

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