Another Property Small Cap that we think will Double02.04.2014

Ingenia (INA) is a property stock that we tipped a year ago and which has doubled in price since then. Tomorrow's new stock we believe could do the same because it is transforming itself from a property development based business model into one revolving around funds management. It is one not to be missed.

Dr Simon Marais: Expert Value Fund Manager
This is the type of company exhibiting operating leverage which is preferred by one of Australia’s biggest value fund managers, Dr Simon Marais, who we interview in tomorrow’s issue.His company Allan Gray manages $4bn and if you listened to him last time we interviewed him you would have more than doubled your money on APN News and Fairfax Media. He gives us his views on the upcoming media ownership changes as well as which stock he prefers – Fairfax or APN, as well as which companies his fund has been investing in most recently.

Australia's expert investors go Under the Radar
Interviews with Australia's top performing fund managers and finding out their investment philosophies and what they are investing in is one of the great benefits of being an Under the Radar subscriber.

Research Tip Upates
As usual we cover a number of tip updates. There is much to look forward to and as usual it will be in your inbox tomorrow morning, first thing if you JOIN NOW

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