Good Buys in Aussie Small Caps28.09.2011

A quick blog after the BoardRoom Radio chat I did with Issam Eid, a portfolio manager with Sigma Fund Managers, and Damien Klassen, a strategist with Wilson HTM.

An interesting thing to come through was that nobody could nominate a financial services pick. I think some of the value in this sector is being overlooked, because of the focus on FOFA (future of financial advice) reforms and the deleveraging that's occuring. There are always opportunities in such markets - stay tuned.

Also, Issam mentioned Kathmandu, which has been a perennial favourite of mine, and that's not just because I hope to get discounts on trecking boots, just in case I decide to do that kind of thing one day. One thing that appeals about Kathmandu (as with Oroton) is that it controls its brand, which means that it's not as susceptible to online competition. It's trading on a PE of less than 10, I think Issam said.

I almost forgot, two others he kept banging on about are in the mining services sector - NRW - a civil workds construction firm; and Bradken, which supplies equipment to the resources, energy and freight rail industries.

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