How to find our latest Small Cap Stock Tips12.03.2014

We are constantly updating our Small Cap Stock research site and are currently going through a major design change, but from speaking to new members of the site, I realise that it is necessary for us to better explain the ways to access our latest recommendations.

Top 10 Buys
Firstly, as some have recognised, our "Top Ten Buy Recommendations" is actually six. This is because we have taken four off due to outstanding performance. We are in the middle of considering which ones to add. So, watch this space.

Latest Recommendations
On the second, our latest recommendations can either be found in Stock Research under “Research” which includes all our buy/sell/hold ratings from our last issue and then those prior to that.

Another option is to look under Stock Research for "Download Reports". This gives you all our past reports, in order of the latest to the earliest.

Research Summary
The best summary is in our “Research Summary”, which includes all our 100 plus tips and recommendations. It is downloaded into Excel, and is sorted by alphabet, but a good idea is to sort it by “Original Tip Date” from latest to earliest – in order to see our latest researched investment tips.

Contact Us
Should you have any queries, please call us on 02 9331 1999 or email us on

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