How to generate a return of 176% from Small Caps26.02.2014

This continues tto be a good reporting season for the Small Caps tipped by Under the Radar Report with some really big increases coming from APN Media, Servcorp, Infomedia,MyNetFone, Enero, BigAir, Sirtex, Silver Chef...

Meanwhile the performance of our top tips keeps going up. It is now 176 per cent over two and a half years – led by the mobile software producer eServGlobal. The average annual return of all our 106 tips combined is just over 27 per cent.

In our issue tomorrow morning we cover no less than 16 stocks in our continuing results run down.  These include many of the ones listed above, as well as stocks that haven’t performed. We tell you what happened, and what to do.

Best wishes

Richard Hemming

About the Author

Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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