Karl Siegling tells Under the Radar Report how to pick a Big Small Cap Winner24.07.2013

Tomorrow we have a big treat with Under the Radar Report committee member and Australia’s top performing listed investment fund manager, Karl Siegling of Cadence Capital outlining seven key essentials to picking and holding onto a big Small Cap winner. This is an investment which increases more than 10-fold, which Karl affectionately calls a “10-Bagger”.

He should know, his team has picked three of them in the past three years! It has been instrumental in allowing them to more than quadruple their investors’ money since the fund kicked off about eight years ago.

We also have the stocks that he is picking to do the same, and we cover a small cap industrial which is going places fast with a global franchise. Its share price is recovering quickly from a private equity sell down, and is forecast to yield 9% at current levels.

Subscribers have a lot to look forward to in only one sleep. 

Best wishes

Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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