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Matthew Kidman talks to Under the Radar about his book Bulls, Bears and a Croupier

Richard Hemming - Friday, February 08, 2013

This popular must read book on the Australian stock market is available to new subscribers (while stocks last!).

Bulls, Bears and a Croupier is a book written for people who are intrigued by the stock market, who dabble in the stock market and even for those who play the game regularly. I wrote the book to share my 13 years experience as a fund manager and to assure people that everyone has a role to play in the market and that everyone can make money. The stock market does not discriminate and it offers an open invitation from the average person in the street to the wealthiest business person.

I worked at Wilson Asset Management for 13 years with industry veteran and tremendous mentor Geoff Wilson. During that time we concentrated on the best end of the market – small cap companies. We strongly believed that small companies were the most under researched in the country and remain that way today.

Small companies are more risky than their larger colleagues. That means they have the ability to rise or fall further and faster. However, if you spend the time to research small stocks and can stomach bad decisions then the returns can be enormous. The stock market not only treats everyone equally it is a forgiving entity that throws up opportunities virtually every day of the year. You just have to be involved.

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An investment analyst and
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Richard is the editor for
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