Problems mean Opportunties for Small Caps11.03.2014

This week we cover a Small Cap in depth that has experienced some major problems in its first half of fiscal 2014. It's numbers will be worse than previously expected, but it presents an opportunity for investors. Most importantly, it's shares haven't fallen through the floor. What it shows is that conditions have been poor, but investors are looking through this because the business is poised to produce marked increases in profits.

We have doubled our returns on key investments like APN News & Media, Select Harvests, Tassal, Mayne Pharma because we saw problems that were fixable. Many investors are fixated on the present, but money is only made when you look at the future.

As usual our issue will come out on Thursday morning. This one is worth reading, I promise!

Best wishes

Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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