Query from happy Under the Radar Subscriber re Magellan Financial Group24.01.2013

We respond to queries and thoughts from subscribers all the time, but I thought this one might be of interest in case you hold Magellan Financial Group - a listed managed fund run by two ex-UBS corporate financiers. We have mentioned it quite a few times


I bought MFG @ $2.07 on 01 June 2012 based on a Radar article in The Age on 31 May.
So far .... very good.  It is now about $6.75
There is soon to be a distribution of scrip in MFF and MFGO in early February .... and I am not too clear why the MFG share price rocketed since the announcement, or whether the price will collapse after that distribution ( which includes a franking credit).
I would appreciate your thoughts on this.
ps  ... this gain has paid my RADAR subscription many times over ....

Radar's reply:

Thank you for your email.

MFG has been running (and will continue to run) because it’s considered to be the next Platinum (Kerr Neilson’s funds management vehicle – and it has a long way to go to get there).

More to the point, it will be considered until it falters.

If it was me, I would take my costs off the table (the amount you invested) and let the house money run.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Best wishes


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