Radarwatch: Hold onto your winners (we do)28.09.2012

Next issue's fund manager interview is with one of the best performing fund managers in Australia, Rob Hopkins of Smallco.

The average market cap of the top five holdings in Hopkins’ portfolio is just over $1.5 billion, which is pretty big for a small can fund.

All these companies have come made the big leap from being a small cap once upon a time, and now have blossomed into the big cap space.

Hopkins sensibly questions why his fund should sell holdings simply because they have had success. Many small cap fund managers are forced to sell because stocks leave the small cap index.

Under the Radar’s stock performance is going from strength to strength, with our top 10 holdings producing an annualised return of 130 per cent.

One of the stocks that has contributed is Northern Star Resources (NST), which we tipped in mid-June and has returned just under 50 per cent for subscribers. Its market cap is now $500 million, but when we tipped the gold miner, it had fallen to just below $300 million, due to poor sentiment in the sector. We still like the story, and have no intention to sell.

A great deal of wealth is accumulated by holding on to your winners.

We thoroughly enjoy taking you on our journey, hunting for profits from an interesting section of the market, and remind you that our next issue is out on Thursday. Subscribers get the full rundown of Radar’s tips performance in our Tips Tracker. DOWNLOAD it now from the website.

Best wishes

Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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