RadarWatch: Is no news good news for Small Caps19.07.2012

Volumes on the ASX are at seven year lows. It’s obvious that investors of all persuasions are sitting on their proverbial hands.

Many are waiting for clearer signs that the murkiness regarding sovereign debt is being cleared up, and possibly more importantly, in the domestic market investors are looking for direction from the full year profit results coming out in mid to late August for the majority of companies.

It’s interesting to note that many fund managers, or professional investors, aren’t waiting for news to invest. If you invest when there is news, more often than not, it’s too late.

Serious investors don’t wait for news.

This is particularly the case in small cap land, where there isn’t an industry (such as brokers, the main stream media and loads of PR professionals) ensuring that there is a constant flow of news.

So look out for buying and selling opportunities before any news comes out. You can be sure that Under the Radar will be (we have four hot tips coming out next week to prove it).

Despite the uncertainty, Radar’s tips have been performing well. Our top 10 have generated an annualised return of 70 per cent. Just to remind you, we are offering a copy of the Gina Rinehart biography by Adele Ferguson FREE to new and existing subscribers. All existing subscribers have to do is get a friend to sign up for a FREE trial. Under the “Where did you hear about us?” box, they just have to write your name.

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Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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