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Sell Banks and Telstra, Buy Small Caps says Under the Radar

Richard Hemming - Wednesday, February 06, 2013
The Australian market has never been more concentrated, and investors have never been more addicted to yield.
There are 2188 companies listed on the ASX. The biggest 300 by market capitalisation are in the ASX 300, and the top 10 represent 54% of its total market cap!

The stocks that are the most expensive are the banks and Telstra because these are offering investors the dividends they are hungry for.

But share prices always dictate total returns from the share market.

That's why you're never going to get the kinds of returns seen from Small Caps which Radar has researched and tipped like Specialty Fashion, which has almost doubled since we picked it six months ago.

Tomorrow you will find more Special Small Caps Opportunities.

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An investment analyst and
financial journalist and small cap specialist.
Richard is the editor for
'Under the Radar Report'.