Small Caps or Mega Caps or Both18.02.2014

One key to Radar’s philosophy is that investors need to look for profits in Small Cap companies, or those outside of the bigger listed companies because the Australian market is so concentrated – the top 20 stocks in terms of market cap, which include the big banks, Telstra and the resource giants, represent about 50 per cent of the entire $1.5 trillion plus market capitalisation of the ASX. At Radar we have a large universe of about 2000 companies to look at, but it seems that Private Portfolio Managers, or PPM as it calls itself, has taken this one step further, and looks to invest across the entire globe. Read about Hugh MacNally's top performing fund and why it works for his rich client list in this week's Under the Radar Report out on Thursday morning.

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Richard Hemming

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Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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