Subscriber query about last week's Small Cap Stock Tip19.05.2014

One of our subscribers asked a good question about why Medical Development's Penthrox product hadn't been commercialised offshort previously. Below is our response:

I spoke to the managing director John Sharman about this and he told me that commercialising Penthrox was never a company focus and it had never invested in the regulatory and clinical documentation that was needed to get approved elsewhere. It’s taken 4 years and bout $7m to get to the position of approval in Europe, and after this the US.

Penthrox is based on the drug Methroxyflurane, which was initially used as an anaesthetic in the 1960s but wasn’t effective. Medical Developments pioneered its use as an analgesic, which means it relieves pain, like morphine, but it’s meant to have less side effects.

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Richard Hemming

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