The future in the cloud19.10.2011

After speaking with Aidan Tudehope, one of the two brothers who founded Macquarie Telecom (MAQ), after the deadline for tomorrow's Under the Radar Report Issue 3 I thought I could add a couple of points that weren't made.

First, he made is clear that the NBN would be good for MAQ. Of course he would, but one of the things MAQ does is provide shelves for servers, which are called data centres. This is the avenue through which more and more hosting of computer networks is occuring - which is where MAQ have a competitive edge in Australia, having been doing it for more than two decades.

Basically the NBN means that every household will get something like100 megabits of thoughput a second, which sounds pretty impressive.

Enter our friend Aidan Tudenhope and his MAQ's $60 million investment in a new data centre in Macquarie Park, somewhere in Sydney's north:

"This means they'll be downloading a lot more information, and that data has to orginate somewhere, and that somewhere is data centres like Macquarie's.

We are in part investing in a new data centres to support the infrastructure that is going to drive the applications that traverse theNBN network."

Here at Under the Radar Report we are looking for good little Aussie Small Caps with big ambitions. This guy is not lacking in the latter.

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Caroline Mark

Caroline is the publisher of Under the Radar Report. She has a diverse background, from producing financial publications, to fundraising and marketing.

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