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Under the Radar looks at the highs and lows in Small Caps of the current Reporting Season

Richard Hemming - Monday, February 25, 2013

The high for Under the Radar has definitely been Speciality Fashion. This is one that issued a profit upgrade prior to its result and kept on delivering on the announcement. This is in big contrast to the dire profit results of Billabong and the favourite of many a professional investor: Breville.

It just goes to show, never write a whole sector, namely retail, off.

Speaking of troubled sectors. Mining services has come in for a bit of a shallacking with the big gun Boart Longyear having problems. Others in the sector to underperform were drilling specialist Sedgman and consumables specialist Imdex.

Speaking to some fund managers and it's clear the Radar tip ISS is being taken more and more seriously. Watch this space. Its result was impressive because it showed that it is surviving loss of a major contract Schlumberger. We showed in our last issue why we think this company can benefit from this.

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