Under the Radar: Small Caps Issue preview25.07.2012

In our issue coming out tomorrow morning, you will have the opportunity to read about Stephen Bartrop, of LimeStreet Capital, a fund manager that invests in resource stocks.

Unlike many of his peers, Stephen has more ability to see through short-term market gyrations. This is because he has been in senior positions in big companies in the mining industry, which gives him a unique position to look at the resources sector from both a big picture perspective, and also from a detailed analysis of companies’ operations and finances.

Stephen comes up with some interesting views about where resources are headed, and why it pays to look at the big picture.

We also have tips on a hot new oil and gas play that could be a 10-bagger, and a retailer that is finally in the position to use its operating leverage to generate massive profit growth.
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About the Author

Richard Hemming

Investment analyst and Editor of Under the Radar Report

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