Why Small Caps?03.03.2014

Small Cap Companies are an important mix in your Portfolio

We don't advocate avoiding big listed companies, or indeed any of the asset classes - property, fixed interest, or even art. What we do say is that you can't achieve the kinds of gains in other investments that you can in small caps companies.

Small Cap Stocks deliver strong results of over 21 per cent

Under the Radar Report's annualised average return over all our 106 small cap tips is over 21 per cent and this includes some real duds, but it also includes stocks like eServ Global (ESV) that have trippled.


Investment Philosophy: A focus on Value or undervalued Small Caps

At Under the Radar Report: Small Caps, we look for value, which means a small cap company that is covering its costs, but has an option on greatness. These kinds of investments aren't found anywhere else.

Click here for a fuller explanation of "Why Small Caps?".

Another tip for using the site is to look through our Research Summary, which is under the Research tab. This is a good ready reckoner of our universe, which like the Milky Way, is constantly expanding.

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