Ivo is the person whom we all secretly aspire to be. Who really wants to work? Wouldn’t you rather have a private income to support your rather fabulous life?
What has happened to Ivo?
Ivo, our lucky chap, was born into luxurious and wonderful wealth (and a private income). Unfortunately his wicked sister diddled Ivo out of his share of the estate, and worse still, she succumbed to the lure of the Carribbean online roulette website and gambled the lot away. The only thing left was enough money to guarantee him the good life for no more than three years.

What will he do now?
So Ivo finds himself in Sydney with no prospect of a job, no intention (or interest) of working.
What to do?
Ivo has noticed that there seem to be a lot of people having lovely lunches and ‘speculating’. So, how hard can it be? “I’m going to speculate!” he says.
We thought it would be fun to follow Ivo and watch as he uses his guile, charm and contacts to find out what and when to buy. Can he make enough to avoid working? The fact that he is wonderful company ensures that Ivo never has to actually pay for meals - his only expenses are rent and travel, and the odd speeding and parking fine.

*Please note Ivo is Radar’s creation and clearly falls very much under our disclaimers!

Welcome to my column!

It’s important to stick to what you’re good at. And let’s face it, working is not really my thing. But what I am brilliant at is chatting, and having a flutter.  And I’ve decided, how hard can it be to have some fun and to jolly well make some money? Blast it, we’ve all got to live haven’t we?
So, the other day I was having a cheeky little ‘post-work’ drink (well, I’d been out looking at some quite wonderful galleries), with a friend who we jokingly call the ‘bofinator’, and we had some champagne and salmon, and it led to a fascinating conversation about a Tasmanian salmon producer that he thought had rather a lot of “momentum”.

 I have a bit of money to throw at a few things that take my eye, and to have a shot at this not working thing. So, is it mad to throw $10k at Tassal (TGR)?
On consideration I don’t think so.

After a glass or two, Mr Bofin really got going and started showing me his share charts and analysis, all a bit beyond me, but he has made a bit of money for the superheros of capitalism, and everyone loves a superhero, so crack on.

He mentioned Collins Foods (CKF) and SFG (SFW). I’ve had an aversion to both Kentucky Fried Chicken and Financial Planners all my life, but a man in need can’t be too pernickety, and I thought I’d drop a sneaky $10k in each.

After quite frankly rather a hectic day I’m now exhausted and need a little rest on a nice squishy sofa. Yes, my beloved readers, I’m thinking of  another $10k in
Nick Scali (NCK).

My Father used to drill into me that the most important things were one’s connections, to read and then answer the question asked in exams, and plain commonsense. Let’s see where my connections and commonsense take us. Let’s have some fun.

Yours ever,

Ivo Budelman Esq.

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