Under the Radar Report celebrates seven years. We are proud of our performance. The average return for the stocks 100 plus Small Cap stocks we cover is close to 63% and if you include all the companies we have tipped since we opened our doors, this is still an impressive 30%. This includes stocks that haven't performed well, and our top 10 best performing stocks  have returned 400%.

At Under the Radar Report: Small Caps, we look for value, which means a company that is covering its costs, but has an option on greatness. These kinds of investments aren't found anywhere else.

Before we go into detail about Small Caps, if you are interested in getting advice on the Big Caps in your portfolio, or investing in big caps, please click here to find out about our Blue Chip Value product.

In Small Caps at Under the Radar Report, we are very proud of our performance record of the 63% return across nearly 100 small cap stocks we cover. To ensure we are true to our word we are the most transparent stock research newsletter on the market. Subscribers and those who have a current free trial can login online and download the full listing of all the 100 ASX listed small caps we cover with the key investment metrics and our current views on each small cap stock. This spreadsheet is updated weekly. (and yes, you can see here the stocks that have done really well, and we don't hide the ones that haven't).

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The share market goes up and down, and historically it rises more than it falls in seven out of ten years. On average, you can expect returns of 10.5% a year. But you need small caps to really boost your portfolio. We help you choose small caps for your portfolio and we are delivering strong returns for our subscribers.


At Under the Radar Report we don't advocate avoiding big listed companies, or indeed any of the asset classes - property, fixed interest, or even art. What we do say is that you can't achieve the kinds of gains in other investments that you can in ASX listed small cap shares.


To achieve 10.5% a year you need to hit the ball out of the park on one or two investments. This is what ASX listed Small Caps can do for you. We look for small caps with growth that are currently priced cheaply.

Small Caps can be at the risky end of the investment spectrum which is why you need strong underlying analysis of these companies. Small Caps really can grow a portfolio as seen here with Bolnisi Gold. And at Under the Radar Report, we provide you with institutional grade stock research, show you how to structure a portfolio plus give you frank interviews with the top performing small cap fund managers.


Under the Radar helps you achieve a diversified portfolio by providing you with model portfolios, at the small cap end and for blue chip subscribers, at the big cap end of the spectrum.

If your portfolio is composed of less than five stocks you are heavily exposed to stock specific risks. This year ANZ is down 10% and the other big banks on the ASX aren’t fairing much better. If half your portfolio is in the banks then you’re going to be in the red. Diversification reduces this stock specific risk.

The S&P/ASX 200 Index is heavily concentrated with the top 20 by market capitalisation representing about 65% of its total size. You would need to own at least those 20, plus hold another 30 to safely replicate its performance. Diversification is important, but not at any cost!

Small Caps provide you with valuable diversification because there are so many more of them, over 2000 in fact. And they operate in a diverse array of industries and markets.

You need Small Cap information - and you'll find it here.

Many so-called growth stocks have been hit hard during the recent share market correction. But even at current levels, which are still high, investors are confident that their earnings will appreciate. These companies have high “price risk”. If there is any softening of their earnings growth, their share prices are extremely vulnerable to big falls.

In contrast, what you see with Small Caps, is “information risk”. In these companies their historic earnings performance can often bear little resemblance to their future earnings. And so you need good research before you invest in them.


The Small Caps Under the Radar Report covers and advocates buying are often not covered anywhere else. Fund managers are often not interested in small caps, because they are too small and it is hard for big funds to get a meaningful stake.

Under the Radar Report adopts a proprietary investment process in order to look for Small Caps that match our criteria. In addition to analysing company announcements and financials, we spend a great deal of time speaking to the management of the small cap company.

Find out what the Top Performing Small Cap Fund Managers are investing in. We interview the top performing Small Cap Fund Managers to give our subscribers’ access to professional investors’ expertise – both on the market in general, and what ASX Small Cap Stocks they are buying and selling.

If you want an edge in your portfolio, small caps will provide you with real growth.

Another tip for using the site is to look through our Research Summary, which is under the Research tab. This is good ready reckoner of our universe, which like the Milky Way, is constantly expanding.

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