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Richard Hemming

One thing the COVID-19 crisis has done is to make a lot of big companies with long and profitable histories, a lot smaller. These mid cap ASX stocks are now small caps. This crisis expandes on the universe of quality ASX stocks to buy as an investor that will boost your portfolio

The changing landscape of ASX stocks to buy   

Under the Radar’s Small Cap Stock Report typically covers 100 companies, which are in various phases of the life cycle. The universe from which we select our ASX stocks to buy are those companies that have market capitalisations of less than $600m. This numbers around 1,800 companies, although it’s less when you eliminate those that are too small to be investable.

3 to 5 year investment horizon for ASX investors 

Our role at Under the Radar Report is to identify the best ASX stocks for you to buy for five years and beyond, which have the potential to make significant returns. This is what we call long-term investing. 

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Broadened horizon of quality ASX Small Cap stocks to buy

What this crisis has done is widen the universe for Small Cap investors of quality ASX stocks to buy.
The market has much less tolerance for emerging businesses right now and this won’t change for some time. If a young Afterpay (APT) were to come along tomorrow, investors wouldn’t even give it an Afterthought.

ASX stocks, accidental tourists or not? 

Right now Under the Radar is focussing on ASX stocks to buy that might be Small Caps following the sell offs, but are quality stocks to buy because they are established businesses. These are companies that may have too much debt, or are in the wrong business, or both. We might not like their price right now, given the level of uncertainty, but in the coming months there could well be an opportunity for investors to pick up a big ASX stock at a small price. We’ll find out whether some of these ASX stocks to buy are accidental tourists or not over time.
If these ASX stocks to buy are indeed accidental tourists, they can make investors a great deal of money, because their earnings bounce back more and quicker than the market has discounted.

Big ASX stocks to buy at small prices 

In next week's Small Cap Stock Report of Under the Radar Report, we update seven of our existing small cap universe and have genuine opportunities for ASX investors.  These include small cap stocks in sectors as diverse as IT consulting, gold mining, software, medicine and telecommunications infrastructure.

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