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Richard Hemming

Picking winners outside the flags.

Read the news and you won’t hear about many of Under the Radar’s winners. Well, you’ve probably heard of one of them, the bee keeping collective done good, Capilano Honey. But you might not have heard of the marginal oil producer turned gas developer, rapidly turning into a gas producer, Cooper Energy. You might also not have heard of Infomedia, who’s stock is up 14% so far today. All these stocks were not known a few years ago and have now more than trebled subscribers’ money.

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Picking Winners

This isn’t to say we simply pick winners; but that is our sole motivation. In August 16th's report subscribers will read about these stocks, plus two others that are successfully turning their operations around.

TWO Clear Buying Opportunities

Both trade on low earnings multiples that are close to single digits and both are successfully integrating acquisitions, which will boost their FY19 earnings. It’s worth reading the issue for these two opportunities alone.


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