See Richard Hemming on YMYC and how to position your portfolio to take advantage of rising interest rates

Richard Hemming

Interest rates are on the rise. Nobody knows how far or fast. Under the Radar Report’s team looks in depth at what can investors do to protect themselves.

In this week's issue we look at stocks we cover which can benefit from this envioronment. Like it says on the tin, we’re picking companies that aren’t in the major indexes, that are dependent on their own management and on their own assets to exploit the opportunities in their individual markets.

This year we’ve had luck with the ship builder Austal. Across the portfolio, taking profits on Bellamy’s, Mayne Pharma and getting taken out with stocks that were taken over were also highlights. I’m talking about the furniture seller Freedom, BigAir and ASG to name a few. Small Caps have more chance of being taken over because they are bite sized for big corporates and they offer growth opportunities, otherwise not available.

There are stocks in our universe that have exciting prospects whatever the interest rate environment.

Tonight I’m appearing with Julia Lee on the Sky News show Your Money Your Call at 7.30pm.


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