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Richard Hemming

New med-tech ASX stock to buy 

Under the Radar Report provides ASX investors with med-tech ASX stocks to buy. Only with Under the Radar Report can ASX investors find opportunities like this new med-tech ASX stock to buy, which is profitable and, wait for it, pays dividends. Did we mention this new med-tech ASX stock to buy has growth opportunities? If you are not a subscribe, to access this new med-tech ASX stock to buy as mentioned in issue 403, join here

Why are we covering this med-tech ASX stock?

Yes the ASX stock market has rebounded quickly, but in today's ASX stock report Under the Radar Report show ASX investors that many ASX stocks are being ignored, such as those that don’t fit the Afterpay (APT) cookie cutter image that ASX investors are looking for.

Is this med-tech ASX stock to buy another Afterpay? 

Under the Radar Report recommended that ASX investors buy Afterpay early at $2.50 and arguably took profits too early, but what has happened since could not be predicted. For one thing, authorities never went after its “nothing to see here” business model, which insists that it is technically not a credit provider because it doesn’t charge interest. But no one can say that it doesn’t have credit risk; it’s an unsecured lender to low credit borrowers, who will be hit harder and harder as the economic carnage of COVID-19 reveals itself. Founder selling amid mounting losses never inspires confidence.
Unlike Afterpay, the med-tech ASX stock that we recommend to buy in today's stock report is cheap, makes profits and pays dividends. If you are not a subscriber, to uncover this med-tech ASX stock to buy as mentioned in issue 403, click here

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Four med-tech ASX stocks for ASX investors 

In the second part of Under the Radar Report med-tech ASX stock report series we cover four more med-tech ASX stocks, which includes one that we rate as a med-tech ASX stock to buy. Its balance sheet has never been stronger and the ASX company has emerged out of COVID-19 with increased demand because of the necessity of its technology. To find out what these med-tech ASX stocks are, sign-up here. For subscribers, please download issue 403.

Updates on three ASX stocks

In today's stock report, Under the Radar Report also include in depth analysis on three ASX stocks that we have covered for a number of years: the litigation funding group Omni Bridgeway (OBL) previously known as IMF; the shade cloth manufacturer Gale Pacific (GAP) and the construction specialist SRG Global (SRG) previously known as Global Construction.

What’s coming up in our ASX stock reports?

Under the Radar Report will host a round table populated by some of Australia’s best performing fund managers. It has been fascinating talking to these people, especially as we approach August, which promises to be one of the more complicated reporting seasons in the history of the stock market. The market’s shade has never been more grey. When uncertainty reigns, stock picking is the key.

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