ASX Buy Now Pay Later Shares and a Rising Star

Richard Hemming

ASX Buy Now Pay Later Shares

Shares in ASX Buy Now Pay Later fintechs have been on a roller coaster ride over the past few months. Euphoria is again creeping in to the share prices of ASX Buy Now Pay Later companies including Afterpay (APT), Splitit Payments (SPT) and Zip Co (Z1P). Under the Radar Report look at the ASX Buy Now Pay Later sector and how it’s being rewarded by the shift to online retail and the risks they face. 

The Latest ASX Buy Now Pay Later ASX Share, a Rising Star

Under the Radar Report look in detail at the latest ASX Buy Now Pay Later rising star Splitit and its financials, following its share price doubling after its recent announcement. But better than that we cover 12 other Small Caps that have Splitit potential for investors. 


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What is ASX Buy Now Pay Later Splitit all about?

Splitit's proprietary intermediate payment technology utilises the credit card providers’ authorisation via the merchant to allow the customer to easily buy now and pay later in installments at no cost. The process is similar to what happens when you check in to a hotel and your credit card is used to authorise an amount without actually charging it. Purchasers incur no interest charges or fees payable to the merchant or to Splitit. Normal interest and fees applicable to customers’ credit card still apply. Splitit makes money from transaction fees charged to merchants which use its service. The company is in its very early stages compared to Afterpay (APT) and Zip Co (Z1P). Around 60% of revenues come from merchants based in the US, 30% in the UK.

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Small Caps like ASX Buy Now Pay Later Shares Give You Growth

Investing in Small Caps is about giving yourself the opportunity to benefit from such stellar performance but also protecting your wealth. To read our latest report on the ASX Buy Now Pay Later sector, click here.

Set Up Your Portfolio For Growth  

Tomorrow, Under the Radar Report's Small Cap Portfolio Manager The Idle Speculator delivers more detail for subscribers on how to build and protect wealth over the long-term. We go into depth on diversification, how many stocks to own, when to take profits, when to hold (and when to run).

Small Caps Portfolio has returned 63%

The proof is in the pudding. Over the past 8.5 years the Small Caps Portfolio has returned 63%, versus the S&P/ASX Emerging Companies Index return of -14%.

Small Caps Contribution to Growth  

Under the Radar Report look in detail at each Small Caps contribution to the portfolio over the past 12 months and the role it plays. Investing is very much a team sport! You have strikers like Splitit, which get the glory, but behind that you have mid-fielders like Evolution Mining (EVN) and Austal (ASB), which get the job done, year after year. Then you have defenders (that’s cash).
The good thing is, social distancing is fine. You just let your portfolio do the work for most of the time and use Under the Radar Report to keep up to date on the all important fundamentals (you know, cash flow, balance sheet, income).

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