Will Webjet Shares Recover?

Richard Hemming


As COVID-19 restrictions ease across Australia, subscribers are asking whether Webjet (WEB) shares will continue their recovery. The answer to whether Webject shares will recover is complicated and uncertain, but Under the Radar Report provides recommendations on what investors should do. 

Webjet shares hit hard by the global crisis; is there still value?

The travel sector has been hit hard by the global pandemic of COVID-19. The closing of international borders hit Webjet shares hard, having more than halved from their levels in mid-February, even after their bounce from lows of just over $2. Now that Webjet shares are over $4 the question is whether they can keep moving towards their pre-COVID-19 prices of $10.
The decline of Webjets share price does create the illusion of value and of a buying opportunity, but at what risk?

Webjet raises capital

In April, Webjet announced a capital raising was underway to ensure its survival during the COVID-19 shutdown. The travel booking group aimed to raise $231m from institutions at $1.70 per new share and a further $115m from retail invetors at the same price to raise a total of $346m. 

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What is Webjet's expected growth?

Post capital raising, Webjet's balance sheet definitely has less risk; unlike other travel booking groups such as Flight Centre, Webjet is purely online with no physical stores. This puts Webjet in a favourable position for growth. However, when travel restrictions are lifted remains uncertain and so does Webjet's earning predictions. Under the Radar Report is keeping an eye on Webjet because where there is uncertainty, there is opportunity.

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