Blue Chip Investments: Changes in Recommendations

Richard Hemming

Blue Chip Investments: Valuation is key when buying and selling Blue Chip shares

While the stock market is seemingly fixated on the potential silver bullet a vaccine provides for the world’s health and economic woes, Under the Radar Report is focused on where the value is in Blue Chip shares. In terms of where you should be selling and where you should be investing in Blue Chip shares, it is purely a question of valuation because it is easy to get carried away by the relentless flood of both positive and negative news in these COVID-19 times.

On the positive side of the equation there is the potential for a vaccine; there are the trillions of dollars that are being pumped into the markets by global central banks; as well as the monetary relief directly provided by many governments, such as the JobKeeper package in Australia.
On the negative side, there are the tragic health consequences, physical and mental; while on the economic front it’s about jobs, jobs and jobs. On Wednesday Fletcher Building (FBU) said that it’s laying off 10% of its work force. This is even before the government has announced the end of its employee payments. It does not augur well for when that support ends. Many smaller businesses will cease to exist.

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Our Price Targets on Blue Chip Shares will give you the edge you need

The key to investing in Blue Chip ASX shares is looking at valuations and with our Price Targets gives subscribers the edge that they need in these uncertain times.

Watch out for our changing Buy/Sell/Holds on key Blue Chip Shares

Tomorrow we drill down on three very different Blue Chip shares, the electronic retailer JB Hi-Fi (JBH)Commonwealth Bank (CBA) and the toll road specialist, Transurban (TCL). We also make eight changes to our Buy/Sell/Hold recommendations.

What Blue Chip Shares to invest in?

You want to invest in Blue Chip shares with defensible revenue streams. This is reflected in our valuations, Price Targets and in our Blue Chip Value Portfolio.
Following these valuation principles incorporated into out Blue Chip Value Price Targets provides you with the confidence that you need in order to sleep at night, which is what investing in Blue Chips is about.

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