Stocks and Beers: Ep 11

William Darby

This week’s Beers with Rich is a Celebration of 10 years of Small Cap Research and analysis. But don’t worry, we bring you the gifts.

After all it’s been a big decade. Term deposits are negligible which is a stark contrast to our top 10 small cap performers, 7 of which are 10 baggers. Rich talks about how this comes about. Also on the hit list:

  • Rich relays some of the insight from Under the Radar Report’s very own portfolio manager The Idle Speculator in practical ways to manage your Portfolio.
  • He discusses the advantages of reviewing your portfolio and when to take action.
  • Rich warns against FOMO and how Under the Radar Report consistently comes up with small caps to invest in.
  • Rich breaks down Disruptions and diversity and how you can get ahead.

This week’s beer comes from NSW and is a market disrupting craft beer: It’s Southern Highlands Brewing’s "Rain Ale or Shine". Watch the video to see what Rich thinks. If you have any beer or stock recommendations, leave them in the comments and we'll try it out! 

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William Darby

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