Generate INCOME + outperform the ASX Stock market

All 40 ASX Stocks pay dividends and generate income + our clear price targets and percentage gains/losses show you which stocks to buy now to generate income and growth. 

We give you price targets so you know which stocks to buy and sell. You really can't afford to miss out on this outperforming quantitative research.

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Video: Richard Hemming on Big Value.

Income Blue Chip Portfolio

Expert Blue Chip Portfolio manager and strategist: Sam Ferraro

At Under the Radar Report we specialise in bringing the world of institutional research into subscribers’ hands and this is definitely the case with the addition of the former Goldman Sachs investment strategist and independent researcher Sam Ferraro.

His Blue Chip Value Income Portfolio is outperforming the market. Ferraro is a strategist and quantitative specialist. You can’t afford to miss his advice.

Sam Ferraro Report

Generate Income + Price Targets

Price Targets show you where our experts believe the share price will be in the next 12-months. It's not magic. It's serious quantitative analysis that you can't afford to miss.

Join thousands of subscribers who depend on this easy to read table in our fortnightly Research Rundown. Clear Buy, Sell, Hold ratings show you what to do and when. You are not alone as an investor, you can depend on Under the Radar Report to show you how to manage or set up your Blue Chip Portfolio. 


Avoid the Pack!

You need to access people who think outside the box. Under the Radar Report is unapologetically contrarian, which has generated outperforming market returns for our Blue Chip portfolio.

Blue Chip research and analysis from Australia’s leading and trusted ASX investment experts.

Buy / Hold / Sell

We give you clear recommendations, enabling you to act quickly on the latest research.

Ongoing Research

We don’t just tell you to buy a stock and then never cover it again. We continue to update subscribers on the company’s results and developments updating you when to Buy/Hold /Sell.

Researched by Experts

Our analysts are experts in small caps and are led by Richard Hemming who is Australia’s leading commentator on the sector.

Small caps give growth

It’s important to remember that it’s much easier for a small company to double in size than for a big one. You need Small Caps for Big Growth.

Minimise Market Risk

We show you how to set up your own diversified small-cap portfolio to minimize risk.

Small Cap Report

Full report is emailed to you each Thursday morning – you’ll be reading it in one easy click.

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