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Macquarie Media

Sector: Services

Industry: Media

This owner of seven talk back AM radio stations including 2GB in Sydney and 3AW in Melbourne trades on a EV/EBITDA multiple for FY17 of below 5 times, yet radio assets have been sold recently on multiples of about 10 times. There is value but very little stock available.

If you are a small investor, you should pick up small quantities up to $1, on the basis of its potential double-digit pre-tax yield if it pays 9 cents in dividends in FY17. Perhaps more stock will become available next year.

The merger should generate about $22m in synergies, of which it still has about $7m to secure. From its half year report, MRN is on track to achieve an EBITDA of about $26m.

We believe it can make $33m in FY17 or almost 13 cents a share, leaving it easily able to pay a dividend of 9 cents, which would put it on a double digit yield at current prices around $0.72.

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  • Radar Rating Unlock
  • Market Cap ($m)* 247.4
  • Dividend Yield (%)* 4.8
  • NET DEBT ($M) 30
  • * Data as of 19 September 2019

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04 Oct, 2017

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