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The paper and printing specialist has got rid of its preference share baggage, has changed its board and management and is generating strong cash flow. Its stock trades at a 40% discount to its net tangible assets and almost half its valuation is cash. This looks to be great value.


The stock in the paper and print specialist is unloved and over looked but Spicers is producing positive cash flow. The balance sheet has been repaired to a large degree and a new board and management are focused on product lines and cost reduction. This stock trades at a 40% discount to its net tangible assets and is aggressively improving profitability. Management and the major shareholder, a Wall Street based hedge fund Coastal Capital are highly incentivised to generate big returns after a long-period of pain. It’s a high risk, hopefully high reward stock.


017 has been a huge year for Spicers, and its change of name from PaperlinX was the least of it. The group finally cleaned up its capital structure which had been a millstone around its neck and has a new board and management intent on aggressively cutting costs. The group issued 1.4bn shares to buy out the $285m worth of preference shares issued back in 2007. Now these “hybrid” holders own 68% of the expanded capital, and it delivers a New York hedge fund Coastal Capital a 14% stake. Here in Australia the two biggest paper distributors have merged, creating a big opportunity for Spicers to boost its sales in this struggling market. Last, the group’s FY17 result shows that this company can produce substantial cash flow relative to its market cap, having reported cash inflows of $6.3m versus an outflow of $13.7m in the prior year.


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