Under The Radar Report's Small Cap Research

Some of our small cap stocks have made our subscribers a lot of money. Here are some case studies of some small caps hat you will like to read about.

Under the Radar Report specialises in research on the 2,000 small companies listed on the ASX that most stock brokers and research houses simply don't cover because they are too small. These small caps are renowned for their growth which is why they need to be part of every balanced portfolio.

Successful Australian investors own between 7-10 small cap stocks for growth. Small Caps really can deliver oustanding returns, there can be more risk associated with them, but the growth they can provide is exceptional. We talk a lot about diversification for managing risk and also knowing your own risk profile.


It produces commercial and defence ships, but the key are its three defence programs, in Australia, the Philippines, and by far and away the most important, in the US.

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Capilano Honey

Australia's largest packager and retailer of honey is on the cusp of attacking the fast growing giant Chinese, North American and Middle East export markets.

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Bellamy's Australia

We tipped Bellamy’s Australia at $2.80 in March 2015. Less than seven months later it traded as high as $10, delivering a return of 257% for subscribers who followed us in.

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