Under the Radar Report was started to provide Australian ASX investors with access to institutional grade research on the small companies on the ASX. These are the stocks that are unloved and under researched but have huge growth potenial.

12 years uncovering smart Small Caps. Independent Stock advice & fundamental research.

Under the Radar Report's Richard Hemming

About Under the Radar Report

"Remember, it's much easier for a Small Company to double or triple in value than for a Blue Chip to grow by 5-10%!"

Richard Hemming and Caroline Mark founded Under the Radar Report in 2011 to provide independent, fundamental research in the exciting and under researched area of Small Caps.

Why was Under the Radar Report started?

Richard was a Small Cap analyst in his 20s and used to go to results and no other analysts were there finding out about these companies. He made a lot of money investing in ASX Small Caps and wanted other Australians to have access to institutional grade research.

Our focus continues to be on ASX Small Caps and we actively cover about 100 Small Caps at any one time. We also launched Blue Chip Value in 2008. This report provides subscribers with a one-stop shop of the top 40 Blue chip stocks.

Richard Hemming, Head of Investments

Richard is an experienced equities analyst, stockbroker and financial journalist/editor, having worked for over 30 years in finance.

It was September 2010 when Richard Hemming, head of research at Under the Radar Report knew that Australian investors needed access to quality, independent, institutional grade ASX Small Cap research. Blue Chips were covered by every broker in town, but there was no research or independent advice on the Small Cap tail. There are 2,200 stocks on the ASX, and our focus is on the Small Cap end.

"Small Caps are growth stocks and when a small company grows, so does your wealth." In 2011 Richard launched Under the Radar Report.

Small Caps require diligent research and follow up.  This is what drives Richard.

There was no regular or quality analysis on Small Caps available to the general public, and as an investor, unless you wanted to or could do it yourself, it just wasn't available so you were investing blind.

-Richard Hemming

Caroline Mark, COO and Publisher

Every orchestra needs a corporate team to get them on stage, playing to an audience in a concert hall.

Caroline edited finance subject notes at the Securities Institute of Australia (now FinSia), and studied finance at the SIA. She also has a Master of Arts from University of NSW. Caroline changed to the arts and worked at the Sydney Symphony and then the National Gallery in London before moving back into finance at Under the Radar Report.

Caroline is responsible for our Australian Financial Securities Licence (AFSL 409518) which gives Under the Radar Report the authority to provide general stock advice to Australians. She manages the website, marketing and customer service team.

The analyst team

We have a tight, experienced team of analysts. Small Caps is an area that requires careful research and our approach is thorough. We employ experienced analysts to join our team, to pick stocks that have the potential for real growth and to de-risk investing for our subscribers.

Peter Chilton

Peter specialises in Small Caps and has a particular interest in mining, and studied as a geologist before switching to finance over 30 years ago. He is also an active investor and avid reader.

Sam Ferraro

Sam runs our Blue Chip Value portfolio. He has over 20 years experience in financial markets, technical analysis and portfolio strategy with Goldman Sachs, JBWere and Merrill Lynch and now works for Under the Radar and as an academic.

Small Cap Portfolio Manager

We employ another specialist Small Cap analyst and portfolio Manager to run our Small Cap portfolio who also has over 30 years experience.

Fund Managers

Richard regularly interviews leading Portfolio Managers including Geoff Wilson and Karl Siegling who have been on our Investment Committee since 2011.

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Banking Big Returns for Subscribers: 1 in 5 of our Stocks have been Taken Over.

What does Under the Radar Report do?

Research and stock picking. This is what we spend our time doing:

We find quality ASX Small Caps

We recommend between 12-24 new Small Cap stocks a year. Our analyst team hunt through the ASX companies with a market cap of between $50-$600m to find stocks that are undervalued, unknown and have the potential to really grow. We constantly review each company, it's results, share price moves and announcements and interview key management to keep up to date with all aspects of the stock. We continue to monitor and update subscribers on a stock until we sell. We give clear Buy and Speculative Buy recommendations making it easy to know when to buy and when to sell your shares.

Independent advice always

Richard Hemming and Caroline Mark own Under the Radar Report. We are not affiliated with any stockbrokers or investment advisers, whose advice can be self-serving because it is based on corporate fees and commissions. Nor are we paid by the small companies for exposure so we are not PR. We are independent. Subscribers pay for our research annually or monthly and that is how we are paid and maintain our independence.

Buying and Selling shares

Always the hardest thing to do. Our analysts review each company, watch the market and screens to time our Sell/Take Profit recommendations.

A Portfolio Approach

We run a paper portfolio so you can see how to run a portfolio, which shares to buy, how many, and how Small Cap Portfolio has been very successful in outperforming the market.

Blue Chip Value: Fortnightly report

In addition to our Small Cap Stock Report we also deliver a fortnightly Blue Chip Value Report that is delivered every second Friday morning.

Our Blue Chip Value Report is designed to complement our Small Cap Report making it easy for Australian investors to manage their entire share portfolio with Under the Radar.

Our Blue Chip Value Report provides Price Targets. You can’t afford to miss our quantitative analysis and fundamental research, telling you where our analysts agree the share price will be in 12-months. It is in one quick and easy to read table which makes your buying and selling of shares clear and straight forward with our Buy/Sell and Hold recommendations.

What do you get when you subscribe?

You will receive our Small Cap Stock Report every Thursday morning and subscribers gain full access to our exclusive online dashboard, which includes:

Editor interviews

Get behind the scenes with the top Small Cap fund managers. Our editor interviews the top performing Small Cap fund managers and you find out which stocks they are buying, what they are selling and their key investment lessons. It's a great way to find out what the top fund managers are thinking and doing in the current market conditions.

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Get instant access to out current Blue Chip & Small Cap BUY recommendations.