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Expertise Behind Every ASX Investment

Discover who we are, what drives us, and how we empower your investment journey.

Under the Radar Report's Richard Hemming

Our Story: Harnessing the Power of ASX Investment Insights

At Under the Radar Report, we're not just about market data, we're about making market data accessible and actionable for everyone. Founded by Richard Hemming, a pioneer in demystifying stock market investment, our mission is to empower investors from all walks of life to tap into the potential of both blue chip and burgeoning small cap stocks. Our expertise is your gateway to smarter investing.

What Drives Us: Innovation, Integrity, and “Real” Insights

We are driven by the belief that the Australian stock market holds opportunities for all, not just the few. Our team uses cutting-edge analytical tools to stay ahead of market trends and deliver independent insights and top analyst recommendations that are not only timely but direct your investment decisions. We pride ourselves on a dynamic approach that combines rigorous research with real-world applicability, ensuring you have the confidence to make informed decisions.

Our Core Values

Track Record: Proven Performance, Tangible Results: Confidence comes from demonstrated success. Our approach has consistently outperformed market averages, turning forecasts into profits. Featuring dynamic visuals like growth charts and infographics, our investment products highlight the tangible impacts of our independent advice and insights on subscriber portfolios.

Our Success Stories

Meet the Team: The Minds Behind the Magic

Each member of our team brings a unique blend of expertise, passion, and perspective to our investment strategies. From Richard Hemming, our visionary leader, to the 'Idle Speculator', our enigmatic analyst, get to know the people who make Under the Radar Report a leader in stock market insights and in-depth research. Discover interesting facts about each team member that make them relatable and inspirational.

Richard Hemming, Founder, BA (econ, maths statistics), FSIA

Richard believes that investing in the stock market can transform your life. Why? Because he has seen it firsthand himself. Here’s what he has to say:

“When I was in my 20s my father introduced me to a small copper and gold developer based in Mexico named Bolnisi Gold. It then traded between 7 and 10 cents for a long time and then it exploded. At every stage, people were saying we should take profits. We didn’t and ended up converting $70,000 into over $1.5 million when Bolnisi got taken over for over $3 a share.

People hadn’t heard of Bolnisi in its early stages, which underlines why Under the Radar exists: there is a lack of information in small caps. I have been an analyst for about 20 years ago and very early on became attracted to small listed companies, or small caps, because people simply don’t know about them.

I looked at beverage companies and most analysts could tell you the volumes and operating margins of all the major wine companies, which were then trading on big earnings multiples. But if it had existed back then, they wouldn’t have known about the organic baby formula producer Bellamy’s until it hit them in the face. 

In order to find the next Bolnisi or for that matter Bellamy’s, our team looks for stocks using a process, which involves screening, talking to management, and knowing which types of companies have that kind of potential.

Over the past few years, we have had some big successes with subscribers with stocks which have increased by multiples in very short time frames. I’m talking about biotechs such as Afterpay, Sirtex Medical, Pilbara Minerals, Capilano Honey, and even a shipbuilder like Austal.”

Richard is an experienced equities analyst, stockbroker, and financial editor, having worked for over 30 years in finance.

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Caroline Mark: co-founder and investor, BA, MA, GC Fin

When I started Under the Radar Report with Richard, I thought it was a good idea but I wasn’t emotionally invested. Honestly, the stock market bored me. How things change! 

The turning point came when I started investing myself using our stock research. Once you put your hard-earned money in, it isn’t just a number or words on a page, you become fascinated with the story behind the company, AND the green arrow on your trading app. Hopefully not too much red! I’m now heavily invested in Under the Radar Report on all fronts.

I love talking to our members about their advanced trading strategies and to people more like me, who know it’s good for them and are just starting out. 

I love it that our analyst team are all senior and takes real care in picking stocks and changing each buy, sell, and hold. We know it’s real people with real money following our advice. I wear a lot of different hats in my role. My least favourite is managing the tech-stack, and the thing I love most is talking on the phone to hear what our subscribers are thinking about and how we can make it easier for them. My daughter tells me to do more of the things I love. And as usual, she is right.

The Idle Speculator: Our portfolio manager Economics, LLB (Oxon)

Our enigmatic Small Cap Portfolio Manager has been first losing and then making money in smaller individual stocks for four decades. Experience includes positions with fund managers in the UK and US, which include Fidelity Investments, and as a research analyst in Australia for organisations including Morningstar. As well, he has been CEO of a company listed on the ASX.

Sectors where he has had particularly successful outcomes for himself, for funds he advises, and for UTRR subscribers, include TMT, Telecoms, Media, and Technology. He has identified, recommended, and bought for himself and for funds stocks in all three sectors which have returned many times the original investment. In Australian telecoms, multiple winners include TPG & Tuas (TUA) that are still listed, as well as many other companies taken over in ongoing consolidation. In media, UTRR subscribers got the benefit of our great BUY recommendation for Seven West Media (SWM) at below 10c in the middle of Covid, which traded less than a year later at over 60c, as well as the takeover of Prime Media (PRT) by SWM. In technology, developments are often beyond his scientific comprehension, but he sometimes knows the right questions to ask. For UTRR, he covers many retail companies, including online, industrials, financials, and runs towards special situations, where many other investors can’t run away fast enough!

Sam Ferraro PhD, M..Economics

Sam has deep knowledge of the stock market. He has over 20 years of experience in financial markets working as an economist and quantitative research analyst at Goldman Sachs, JBWere, and Merrill Lynch. Sam Ferraro has a PhD in finance from RMIT University, a Masters in Applied Finance at Macquarie University, and a Bachelor of Commerce (Hons) from the University of Melbourne. His PhD thesis investigates the performance and characteristics of ASX-listed founder-CEO companies. He has experience teaching financial risk management, business finance, international finance, business statistics, econometrics, and advanced statistical modelling.

Peter Chilton, B Eng (mining)

Peter specialises in small caps and especially mining. He studied as a mining engineer and then worked for mining companies big and small around the world, before switching to finance. He's also an active investor.

Peter has extensive analytical experience across global resources and energy, including utilities, plus a very wide range of industrial sectors. Although resources is a specialisation, his wide-ranging knowledge outside resources results in flexibility in multiple disciplines.

He has analysed at all levels, from individual projects within organisations to listed equities and commodities. He has worked in industry, both as a mining engineer and consultant, in analyst roles in stockbroking and independent research and in portfolio manager/analyst roles in funds management.

With Under the Radar Report, Peter actively utilises different valuation methodologies and techniques. These include fundamental approaches and advanced technical analysis, in industrial and resources, for both big caps and of course Small Caps!

FAQ and How We Help

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