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We help thousands of Australians invest successfully in growth Small Caps.

We are the #1 Independent Small Cap research provider: 

  • Our performance record: 7 out of 10 stocks we pick outperform.
  • Average 60% returns from our Best Small Caps to Buy list of stocks
  • Our INDEPENDENT research with ongoing Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations. We tell you what stocks to buy and sell and when.

Don't let your capital sit in the bank losing value.
Diversify your ASX Share portfolio and increase your returns with us.
We are experts at helping Australians invest succesfully since 2011.

What do I get?

We pick and give independent research on 100 SMALL CAPS selected to boost your portfolio. Our Best stocks to buy table will halp you choose which stocks to buy right now to get you started.
RRP: $490 for 12 months.

10 Best Stocks to Buy

Our experts gives you a weekly deep-dive into the 10 latest shares to Buy. Get the tips first.

Weekly Buy, Hold and Sell

Stay informed on each stock in your portfolio and save countless hours with our active stock tip updates.

Access Radar's Portfolio

See how Radar's portfolio is outperforming the market, and replicate it for your own portfolio

Research on 200+ Stocks

We give you the full context on every stock tip with reseach dating back to 2011

Subscribers only dashboard

Access our online dashboard with everything you need plus our special reports.

Researched by Experts

Our analysts, led by Richard Hemming , have over 150 years combined experience.

Empowering investors since 2011

Discover the growth stocks of the future

Imdependent insightful analysis

Richard Hemming, Editor, is Australia's leading Small Cap advisor. Empowering individuals with access to independent and insightful share tips and research on Australian Small Caps. He is a regular commentator with The Australian, NabTrade, CommSec and on Spotee TV.

Making investing easy

Our highly trained team of expert financial analysts are from the UK, USA and Australia. Our foucs continues to be on making successful investing in fast growing small cap stocks easy.


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The 10 Best Growth Small Caps to Buy

Since 2011 we have been making investing easy by choosing the growth stocks of the future for you

  • De-risking Small Caps for you
    Our analysts choose the Small Caps that offer the best risk/reward return. 

  • High flighers and consistent performance
    Small Caps give growth. Our top ten have deliverd over 1000% returns! Our average of over 50% across 200 stocks shows we consistently get it right. 

  • Small Caps give you growth

    It's easier for a Small Cap valued at $100m to double or triple in size that a Blue Chip that's worth $10bn.

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In one easy table access our Price Targets, key investment metrics and updated Buy, Hold and Sells.

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We also include our Price Targets that guide you on where the share price will be in 12-months time. 

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