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Join Rich, the founder of Under the Radar Report, as he unpacks the current Goldilocks scenario in the financial markets, where share markets soar amidst controlled inflation and steady employment rates. In this episode, Rich shares his insights on the divergence between large caps driving the index and the hidden value in small caps. He discusses his recent investments in New Zealand Media and Count Limited, explaining why these 'survivor' stocks are ripe for the picking. Plus, get a glimpse into the strategies that Caroline Mark used to more than double her money in five years. Whether you're a seasoned investor or just starting out, this episode is packed with actionable advice to help you navigate the stock market.


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Now that you have a strong core portfolio, it's time to accelerate with ASX Small Caps! It's time to look past the obvious and expand your future with Small companies.
We have handpicked 100 of the Best ASX Small Cap stocks and are focused on making you money.

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We love finding and recommending fast growth ASX companies while they are still undervalued. We focus on dividends + capital growth.

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The best part is our stock experts give you a weekly deep dive in the 10 latest Small Cap shares to buy. Beat inflation and discover value businesses operating in a wide range of markets and sectors while they are still cheap. Get in earlier than everyone else. The point is our experts are known for their stock investing and ahead of the curve ideas. We report on revenue generating, value companies operating in a wide range of markets.

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