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CommSec Executive Series: Under the Radar Report

Tom Piotrowski from CommSec interviews Richard Hemming.


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Do you have a strong core portfolio? It's time to add Small Caps! It's time to look past the obvious and expand your future with Small companies.
We have handpicked 100 of the Best ASX Small Cap stocks and are focused on making you money.

What do I get with your Small Cap report?
12-24 New Small Cap stocks a year
10 Best Stocks to Buy Now updated weekly
Fundamental Analysis on 100 ASX Small Cap stocks
Clear Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations
Special Sector Reports
Dividend Portfolios released every 6 months
Small Cap Portfolio

Invest in diverse ASX Small Cap Stocks packed with growth potential.

Video: Stocks of the week from Rich

This week's market update. Have a Friday beer with Rich and find out what's happening in the market and updates on our stocks.


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Income generating Blue Chip Stocks

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Do you want to generate income and invest in the big ASX blue chip companies? We have handpicked 40 of the top 200 ASX Stocks across all industries that our analysts agree offer the best value for ASX share investors.

We give you:
40 handpicked ASX Blue Chip Stocks from the top 200
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Price Targets
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Economic Analysis

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How to Turn $1,000 into....

If you had invested $1,000 when we recommended to buy these shares, how much would your money be worth now?

We hunt for ASX small companies with strong revenue and business earnings.

Our focus is on Small Caps while they are still cheap and in the fast expansion phase.

Australian ASX Share Investors

When it comes to choosing investments, potential return and risk are the most important considerations for many investors. A top challenge is finding Sources of Information to Trust. Our Research is 100% independent which is why you pay for it. Our goal is to make you money. Then you will keep coming back.

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On average 7 out of 10 of our Small Cap Stocks outperform.

10 Stocks

Under the Radar's weekly Best Small Cap Stocks To Buy


Under the Radar's average return from our Best Stocks list!

Video: Stocks of the week from Rich

This week's market update. Have a Friday beer with Rich and find out what's happening in the market and updates on our stocks.


Why Under the Radar Report subscribers make money

We love finding and recommending fast growth ASX companies while they are still undervalued. We focus on dividends + capital growth.

Stock selection

10 Best Stocks to Buy

The best part is our stock experts give you a weekly deep dive in the 10 latest Small Cap shares to buy. Beat inflation and discover value businesses operating in a wide range of markets and sectors while they are still cheap. Get in earlier than everyone else. The point is our experts are known for their stock investing and ahead of the curve ideas. We report on revenue generating, value companies operating in a wide range of markets.

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How risky is a stock? We give you a risk rating for each of our Small Cap stock so you build a balanced portfolio of ASX shares.

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Expert, independent advice

Our sector specialist reports drive your deep knowledge of the markets and stocks that you invest in.

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Learn more about investing in ASX Small Caps and the best of the top 200 Companies.

Small Cap News

Sector Reports, Small Cap News

Stay up to date with the latest in ASX Small Cap investing

Small Cap News

Small Cap News

Sector Reports, Small Cap News

Stay up to date with the latest in ASX Blue Chip investing

Small Cap News

Blue Chip + Small Cap Report

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Stocks Trading Under $5

50% of our small cap stocks are under $5 when we first recommend them and many are under $1. But the don't stay small!

We research quality small caps while they are still undervalued and before they are household names. Over 50% pay dividends. They often operate in a niche or are a future disruptor. (Think Afterpay which we tipped at $2.51!).

The stocks we specialise in are under-researched and rarely in the news. Find the hidden gems on the ASX now.

Sometimes betting on one person can pay off. This company has delivered over many quarters and now has a market cap in the billions. It is a true star stock.


We first recommended the company MAQ in 2013 around $8.00. Our clients who stuck with this stock made many times their cash investment.


Our analysts liked this company because of its business model and cash generating ability. We saw a rising star stock. In 2020 we told subscribers to buy for its expected strong capital return.


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