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It’s not easy choosing which stocks to buy. Our job is to tell you which are the best small cap stocks to invest in. We filter through the 1,500 small cap companies listed on the ASX and select well run small cap companies, that are positioned for growth.

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Access small cap research written by Australia’s leading small cap investment experts. Subscribe now and start your small cap investments now.

Buy / Hold / Sell

We give you clear recommendations, enabling you to act quickly on the latest research.

Ongoing Research

We don’t just tell you to buy a stock and then never cover it again. We continue to update subscribers on the company’s results and developments updating you when to Buy/Hold /Sell.

Researched by Experts

Our analysts are experts in small caps and are led by Richard Hemming who is Australia’s leading commentator on the sector.

Small caps give growth

It’s important to remember that it’s much easier for a small company to double in size than for a big one. You need Small Caps for Big Growth.

Minimise Market Risk

We show you how to set up your own diversified small-cap portfolio to minimize risk.

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Invest in Small Caps for growth

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    Don't miss the table in our report each week that shows you which small cap stocks we like right now.

  • Our performance

    We have delivered an average return of over 30% across 200 stock recommendations in the past seven years.

  • Small caps give you growth

    It's much easier for a small company valued at $100m to double or triple in size that a Blue Chip that's worth $10bn.

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Our Experts

Our research team is headed by Richard Hemming, Australia’s leading Small Cap analyst and commentator.

In the news and on the air

Richard has a column with The Australian and is a regular guest expert on Sky Business.

Our team

Under the Radar’s team of analysts has over 150 years of combined experience in investing and researching in ASX listed stocks with a specialty and passion for small companies.

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