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Investors use our experience and market-leading financial research to find the best small cap share trading tips while they’re still under the radar. We help you get in first and beat the index funds, teaching you how to use your share trading account to grow your personal wealth.

Our fast, easy-to-read, corporate information dashboard means you’ll be among the first to invest in Australian shares that are tipped to outperform the market.

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We're Australia's first and number 1 Small Cap investment report. Our Small Cap share trading tips have consistently outperformed the share market average and ensure the share price you buy at will almost certainly realise strong capital gains.

Under the Radar Report has consistently delivered 80% average returns across 250+ Small Caps for the last 10 years. This compares with All Ords that have delivered an average return of 13.2% and bank deposits currently return less than 1%.

Our track record speaks for itself. If you want to invest in Australian shares, you need to look Under the Radar.

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We search for and choose small caps on the Australian stock exchange that our financial analysts and stock picking experts agree offer the best risk/reward return for a diversified portfolio.

Our expert financial analysts, led by Richard Hemming provide Australia’s leading Small Cap advice. For the last 10 years we have empowered our product subscribers to achieve personal financial success on the stock market with access to our independent share trading tips and research on Australian Small Caps.

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Celebrating 10 years

12 years ago I phoned up The Idle Speculator, now our portfolio manager, and told him about an idea I had for attacking the under researched, unloved market for Australian Small Caps.

I could see some of the big money being made in London and I could see that actually the ASX had much more potential.

Small Caps are all about the future and we love bringing the world of disruption to you our subscribers every week. 

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This week's Stocks and Beers with Rich

Every week Richard reviews a number of shares on the market, while reviewing some truly excellent craft beer! 

The conversation is wide-ranging, whether it's discussing a company's profits or telling you why it's time to sell your shares in that beloved index fund, Rich's Stocks and Beers is exactly the draught you want on a Friday afternoon!

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