Best ASX dividend stocks

How to find the Best ASX Dividend Stocks

You want to find the best ASX dividend stocks to boost your income? ASX investors don’t just look for dividend stocks but they also look for capital growth. Many investors will go straight to ASX Blue Chip stocks for dividends.

Blue Chip Stocks: Best ASX Dividend Stocks

Under the Radar’s Blue Chip Value stock report covers over 40 of the Best ASX Dividend Stocks. Our team of analysts have hunted for the best dividend stocks for your share report. All of the 40 Blue Chip stocks we cover give ASX investors dividends. The highest dividend yield is a very healthy 9.5%. We also give clear Buy, Sell and Hold recommendations making it very clear for you to know what to do.

We advise that up to 50% of your share portfolio should be invested in a number of Blue Chip stocks not only for their dividend yield but also as they can be a relatively safe investment. (but all stocks can go up and down so watch them!).  

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Find out the return expectations are for over 40 Blue Chip Stocks

We also give you Price Targets which is the price we believe the stock will be in 12-months time. This is run by a very experienced analyst Sam Ferraro. Not only can Blue Chip Value subscribers now search for our latest views on every one of the Blue Chip Shares we cover, but now we have added a valuation based Price Target for each of these ASX Dividend stocks, which enables you to gauge what our return expectations are.

How do we work out the Price Target for the Dividend Stocks?

Our Blue Chip Value Price Target methodology,  is based on two investment models that rely on each company’s investment fundamentals and consensus forecasts for earnings and dividend payments. They are also based on long-standing and validated valuation theory principles.

We also give you a crib sheet, covering off on the investment summary of over 40 Blue Chip stocks, which includes the price target, expected 12-month return (target opportunity), our Radar Rating, and comment. from valuation theory  practicalities that make the Blue Chip Value Model work. It provides a great base from which to generate price targets to help you manage your Blue Chip portfolio and to find buying opportunities.

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Small Cap Stocks: Best ASX Growth stocks with Dividends

Small Cap stocks offer investors on the ASX strong capital growth, but many of them also offer dividends as well. There are over 2,200 small cap stocks listed on the ASX and at Under the Radar Report we hunt for small cap stocks for our small cap stock report that will boost your portfolio’s returns through growth. That’s right, we are looking not just for a dividend return but also for share price growth.

Our team is very experienced and we have a strong record over the past eight years of delivering independent fundamental analysis on over 100 small cap stocks. Many sites are simply PR for small companies but Under the Radar Report is an established independent research house with its own AFSL.

Our analysts sole purpose is to research companies that will make money for our subscribers. They work hard to filter through all the small cap stocks on the ASX to find stocks that offer dividends and provide growth.

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More than 50% of the small cap stocks we cover have a dividend yield

Of the 100 small cap stocks that Under the Radar Report actively covers for our stock report more than 50% of these small companies give dividends. Small Caps can give ASX investors a cash return but they also offer real growth potential.

Dividends can be a handy addition to your income or indeed for retirees form the bulk of their income and over 50 of our current small cap stocks are providing dividends for subscribers.

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Why is growth important too?

Growth is important because you want your investment to grow. Big Companies grow but often at a much smaller rate. For small companies it is much easier to double, or triple in price because they are so much smaller to start with.

So, to find the Best ASX Dividend Stocks do you invest in Blue Chip stocks or Small Cap stocks?

Our team of analysts has done the hard work for you and found the best ASX dividend stocks for you to invest in. The question becomes do you invest in Blue Chip stocks or Small Cap stocks and the answer is both. You need small caps for growth and dividend yield and blue chips for dividend yield. But diversification is very important.

Learn how to structure a diversified portfolio 

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