ASX Uranium Stocks

Australia owns the world’s largest deposit of uranium, and remains the third-largest producer of uranium resources in the world. This natural element is key in the production of nuclear power plants and reactors for ships and submarines — and a high-performing part of many investor portfolios.

4 highest performing small cap uranium stocks on the ASX

Small cap uranium companies have exploded over the last 10 years, creating a great deal of investor interest and comparatively fast growth.

Under the Radar Report keeps a close eye on uranium with a real potential for results, particularly fast growth small cap shares with a high potential for significant dividends.

A few of our tips both past and present include:

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Tips for investing in uranium ASX stocksin 2024

Uranium and nuclear stocks are off to an explosive start this year. But does it mean that this momentum will continue?

Under the Radar Report has been one of the earliest movers in this sector and terms of individual stocks. There are many juniors that are vying for attention and stock picking in this sector has never been more important. You need an expert to guide you on this front, which is what you will get if you subscribe to Under the Radar Report. Read our most recent expert report from January 2024 on Uranium.

Understanding uranium ASX stocks

Uranium is the heaviest natural element on the periodic table. While most known for its use in nuclear weapons, It’s also known as an energy metal, as it contains unique atoms that result in energy when split by a neutron in a nuclear reactor, creating safe clean power with minimal waste.

As nuclear power becomes safer and more cost efficient, more and more people are looking to uranium as the future of clean and sustainable energy. This makes it an excellent stock option with a high probability of returns.

Australia is well positioned to take advantage of this potential boom, as it contains some of the largest uranium deposit, in places such as the Northern Territory, Western Australia and South Australia, as well as the mining expertise and companies with established international uranium projects.

The benefits of investing in uranium stocks on the ASX

Many investors are optimistic about trading uranium companies on the ASX. There are several reasons why:

  • Excellent outlook — There is little to no outlook reduction for uranium in the near future. As the demand for clean, efficient energy using nuclear continues to grow, uranium prices may see a positive inflection over the next few years.

  • High performance — In recent years, many investors saw high returns as the price of uranium skyrocketed. Today, experts are confident in a bullish market that will continue to grow over time.

  • Potentially underpriced — With rising demand and depleting inventories, uranium may be an underpriced asset with lots of room to grow. There may be new opportunities and higher dividends in the future.

The best time to invest in ASX uranium stocks

The tried and true mantra of investing is the best time to invest in any ASX listing is when its share price is down. As buyer demand rises and share prices increase, you can sell at the ‘peak’ to make several times more than your initial investment.

However, it’s not always easy to determine the highs and lows for commodities. Choosing the right time to invest and get exposure in uranium on the ASX, can seem tricky. Even while sustainable energy experiences high demand from countries around the world. However, nuclear energy (the primary purpose of uranium) still sees some marketplace hesitation, as some countries are concerned with the investment cost of building new reactors, or the potential greenness of this energy source.

But with energy resources becoming constrained, more governments are turning to nuclear reactors to reduce their carbon emissions, and to keep the lights on at home, causing the price to rise and a resurgence in uranium mining.

To choose your top ASX uranium stocks, you may want to ask yourself the following questions:

  • What does uranium’s current supply and demand look like? While uranium is currently experiencing low demand and high supply, we forecast that this is set to shift within the next few years, as more countries reinvigorate their uranium and nuclear energy generation.

  • How to get good exposure to the uranium share? Under the Radar Report recommends investing in small cap uranium producers to experience the highest level of growth, with companies already in production to minimise risk.

  • Would your investment come at a risky time? Some uranium investments carry ‘delay risk’ that may affect your dividends and returns in the future.

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