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The mining industry is one of the most robust market sectors on the ASX. With more than 650 companies in 100+ countries, it remains a compelling investment opportunity for investors of any experience level.

At Under the Radar Report, we spend hours researching the best and most influential mining stocks for investors of all ages. We present our findings in weekly reports packaged with clear buy, sell, and hold recommendations, wrapped in 100% independent research unsullied by conflicts of interest. 

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Mining shares on the ASX — what we watch

Under the Radar Report employs analysts with industry experience, which include the mining sector. Using their collective recommendations to identify opportunities and de-risk portfolios, we call out specific high-potential stocks with intrinsic factors for real growth.

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Uranium stocks

Uranium stocks can be purchased from companies in the diversified metals and mining subcategories. Uranium as a commodity is often associated with the ASX, as Australia remains the third-largest uranium producer in the world. This substance is typically used as nuclear reactor fuel and is an alternative energy option that does not require petroleum.

Common uranium stocks on the ASX include:

  • Elevate Uranium (ASX: EL8)

  • Lotus Resources Limited (ASX: LOT)

  • Paladin Energy (ASX: PDN)

Gold stocks

A persistent ‘old faithful’ for many Australian investors, gold stocks have a long history of steady returns. Supply and demand greatly impact gold mining operations on the ASX, although shares are considered an important part of a balanced portfolio.

Names making headway on the ASX include:

Oil stocks

While they can sometimes be volatile in nature, many Australians view oil stocks as sustainable vehicles for growth. Larger companies often provide larger dividends than others and see appreciating share prices during times of economic uncertainty.

Familiar names in the oil submarket include:

  • Karoon Energy (ASX: KAR) 

  • Santos (ASX: STO)

  • Beach Energy (ASX: BPT) 

Gas stocks

Gas stocks are a dynamic and well-established segment of the ASX. Gas remains an important part of the world’s energy mix and a key element of many Australian portfolios.

Common blue chip stocks include miners and the domestic pipeline owner/operator:

  • Woodside Energy Group (ASX: WDS)

  • Santos Energy (ASX:STO)

  • APA (ASX: APA)

Lithium stocks

As lithium is one of the important components of electric vehicles and ion batteries, lithium stocks are quickly carving out a niche in the ASX mining market. Battery-grade lithium carbonate has seen expanded use in the 2020s as Australia continues to be the world’s biggest supplier of lithium resources.

Common lithium stocks include:

  • Allkem (ASX:AKE)

  • Pilbara Minerals Ltd (ASX: PLS)

  • Liontown Resources Limited (ASX: LTR)

Capitalise today on the mining trends of tomorrow

The ASX mining sector remains a promising market for growth and sustainability. However, remaining abreast of industry changes and taking advantage of possible growth opportunities may be difficult without the right context.

With more than 11 years of high performing recommendations, Under the Radar Report can help you make the most of your mining share investments. Our weekly report on small-cap mining stocks provides the background you need to make wise decisions for your portfolio. Our biweekly Blue Chip Value Report calls out high-interest mining shares on the ASX for sustainable growth with potentially less risk. 

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