Best ASX Gas Stocks: The Latest Gas Extraction Update

The Australian gas industry is one of the most powerful market verticals on the ASX.

Understanding gas stocks on the ASX

Some of the market’s best-performing stocks are within the gas and natural gas industry, including major names like:

  • Strike Energy (ASX: STX),

  • Santos (ASX: STO)

  • Woodside Energy Group (ASX: WDS).

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Understanding gas stocks on the ASX

Gas production in Australia has increased 24.9% over the past five years. It remains the country’s third-largest export in terms of item value and one of the largest staples of the national economy. 

Natural gas is an equally important market segment. Around 2.4 trillion cubic meters of proved national gas reserves were estimated in 2020. Natural gas production reached 147.2 billion cubic meters in 2021, with an estimated value of AUD 244 billion still remaining — approximately 2% of the country’s GDP.

Current market trends in the Australian gas industry show increased interest for investors. Multiple opportunities exist for both blue chip and small cap stocks depending on the investor’s personal financial goals.

Top 3 ASX gas stocks to watch

Many investors see blue chip gas stocks on the ASX as a growing opportunity for financial freedom. Investors appreciate the steady growth and regular dividends as a complement to larger, more diversified portfolios.

However, small cap stocks may provide larger growth opportunities that are rarely possible for major players. Correctly timing the market allows investors to maximise their returns and take advantage of market trends as they happen.

There are currently three small cap ASX gas stocks emerging on the market:

  1. Beach Energy (ASX: BPT)

  2. Warrego Energy (ASX: WGO)

  3. Talon Energy (ASX: TPD)

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Gas extraction and production upgrades for gas and natural gas stocks on the ASX 

The Australian mining sector continues to see heightened innovation, particularly within Western Australia. 

Certain gas extraction and production updates have driven newfound interest in gas investments. Companies like Senex are expanding their gas development operations near the Surat Basin in Queensland. In addition, transitional efforts to renewable natural gas may create a measurable impact on nationwide investment patterns.

New projects, events and exploration activities are also disrupting the industry. A supply shock in Europe created by civil and political changes has dramatically increased export demand for liquefied natural gas. Plus, the predicted gas shortage for Western Australia could change marketplace demand on historically poorer operations in the east.

Regulatory updates impacting ASX gas stocks

Although recent legislation favours renewable energy and alternative sources of fuel, the gas industry remains a critical component of Australia’s energy mix. Experts cite multiple sources of growth and opportunity for investors willing to make strategic investments. Today, outlooks remain positive for both small cap ASX gas stocks and established blue chip options.

Future of gas stocks on the ASX 

The future of the gas industry in Australia continues to attract investors, although industry experts and financial analysts see disruptions and new opportunities on the horizon. Opportunities abound for small cap investors with longer hold positions and well-diversified nest eggs.

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