Under the Radar Report has delivered an average return of 70% on all our Small Cap Stocks since 2011.

Our Stock Market Performance

Since 2011 we have outperformed the Stock Market and delivered an average return of:


ASX Small Caps

Average return on 300+ ASX Small Cap Stocks over 12 years


Top 10 Small Cap Stocks

Average return of our top 10 Performing Small Cap Stocks over a 11 years.


Best Buy List

Average return on all our Best ASX Small Cap Stocks to Buy List. These stocks have offered the best risk/reward return.


Blue Chip Value Porftfolio

Our Blue Chip portfolio has returned over 2 years (%pa)


Small Cap Stocks

Small Cap companies actively reviewed and recommended with buy, sell and hold recommendations


ASX Blue Chip Stocks

ASX Blue Chip selected for value, actively reviewed and recommended with buy, sell and hold recommendations.

1 in 5 of our stocks have been taken over

Delivering big share price spikes for our subscribers.

We distil over 2,000 stocks into 100 Small Caps covered by our experts. Then we further narrow your search with our 10-15 Best Stocks to Buy list.

Dividend Portfolios

We know how important dividends are for ASX investors. They give you valuable income, reduce your risk and it is a sign of strength and maturity that the company has achieved or reached milestones.

  • We publish two dividend portfolios each year.

  • Look at Small Cap Issues 535 & 536

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Follow our Small Cap Portfolio!

Our UTRR portfolio manager, "The Idle Speculator" is outperforming the market with his 100% Small Cap focused portfolio. His aim is to focus on growth, reduce risk and outperform. Our subscribers use this ASX Small Cap stock portfolio to guide their own portfolio structure.

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Blue Chip Value: Finds Value Stocks in the Top 100

Follow our Blue Chip Portfolio
The Blue Chip Value Portfolio continues to extend its outperformance of its benchmark, the S&P/ASX 200 Index, generating a return over the past 12 months to 31 May of 14% versus the Index return of 11%.

Our Blue Chip Value Portfolio Manager Sam Ferraro, former Goldman Sachs investment strategist, gives valuable advice for building and managing your own portfolio. We review our Blue Chip Value Portfolio quarterly.

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The outperformance of Blue Chip Value Portfolio's performance is accelerating as investors hunt for value due to uncertainty in global financial markets.

The BCV Portfolio is now easily outperforming over all periods, in the past two years generating over 22% a year in returns.

The Small Cap Stocks we tip are Big Winners

Our top 10 investment lessons

Our top 10 performing stock have made our subscribers a lot of money. Look at our top 10 investing lessons. The Small Caps stocks that Under the Radar Report covers and advocates buying you won't find anywhere else.
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Real growth: Our Small Cap strategy

To achieve 10.5% a year returns you need to win big on one or two investments.We help you achieve this building a diversifed portfolio of ASX growth stocks. We target stocks when they are still cheap.
Best performing stocks

Individuals have the edge!

Individual investors have the edge in Small Caps. These companies are too small for the big fund managers to invest in. Small Cap stocks can provide real and significant growth for your portfolio.
Stock analysis

Set up your own portfolio

We hand pick and research 100+ small caps from nearly 2,000 ASX shares. We narrow this further for you with the 10 Best stocks to buy list in each report.

Invest with Australia's #1 independent stock report

Finding cheap ASX stocks to buy now. Out-performing the benchmark since 2011.

100% independent research

We are like a research arm of a stock broker and provide you with the best buy, sell and hold recommendations to build your portfolio. ASX companies do not pay us for us to cover them.

Research arm of a stock broker

Independent research

This is institutional grade niche research on quality ASX stocks, written to make it easy to understand and easy to action.

100% transparent results

Our performance

See the results for yourself. Login online and and view the key investment metrics and current views and our performance on all 100+ ASX Stocks we cover

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On average 7 out of 10 stocks perform well. We update our performance every week. 100% transparent, always.