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The following is a list of all the different types of markets analysed and recommended by Under the Radar Report.

What is the stock market doing in May 2024?

Our monthly ASX Sector Rundown: A Quick Guide! Dive into the dynamic world of ASX sectors and the key Blue Chip stocks with Richard Hemming from Under the Radar Report!

Hand picking stocks on future performance

The Under the Radar Report analysts spend hours reviewing some of the most promising markets on the ASX. We handpick selections based on performance and opportunity and provide clear buy, sell and hold tips on the shares that cross our desks. We focus on high performers in every industry, specialising in mining, banking, technology and big blue chip stocks. 


Healthcare is traditionally a major category on the Australian stock market.

We evaluate specific markets like:

  • ASX Pharmacy stocks

  • ASX MedTech stocks

  • ASX Hospital stocks


Healthcare is traditionally a major category on the Australian stock market.

We evaluate specific markets like:

  • ASX Pharmacy stocks

  • ASX MedTech stocks

  • ASX Hospital stocks

Healthcare Update May 2024

Curious about investing in health care? Learn how CSL leads the way in providing blood-related products and why it's a top performer in this resilient sector.

Energy & Mining

Many investors build portfolios that include the energy market on the ASX.

Under the Radar Report evaluates dozens of energy-based stocks, including:

Energy Sector Update May 2024

Dive into the world of energy investments with a spotlight on Woodside Energy after its 2022 merger with BHP's energy assets! Learn how energy prices drive profits and the risks involved in fossil fuel investments.


Australia is well known for its nationwide mining operations.

Prominent stocks we analyse include small-cap mining stocks on the ASX, as well as their larger counterparts in:

  • ASX Lithium stocks

  • ASX Uranium stocks

  • ASX Gold stocks

  • ASX Oil stocks

Mining Sector Update May 2024

Unearth the secrets of the mining industry! Discover how titans like BHP, Rio Tinto, and Fortescue are shaping our economy and delivering dividends. Watch full video here:

Materials Sector Update May 2024

Ready to dig into a booming sector? Explore the world of Materials with us! From manufacturing to mining, this sector encompasses a wide array of companies with global impact. Join us as we analyze industry leaders like Amcor and Bluescope Steel, and uncover the opportunities they offer for savvy investors.


The resource market is generally perceived as a stable industry.

We can help you evaluate companies with the following:

  • ASX Mineral stocks

  • ASX Metals stocks

  • ASX Lithium stocks

Banking and finance

Banking and finance-related companies traditionally perform well on the ASX.

We can help you evaluate your options with analyses on:

  • ASX Banking stocks

  • ASX Finance stocks

  • ASX Fintech stocks


There is a great deal of value emerging from ASX tech stocks.

Under the Radar Report focuses on the following:

  • ASX Engineering stocks

  • ASX Software stocks

  • ASX MarTech stocks

  • ASX Mining technology

Technology Sector Update May 2024

Looking for excitement in the stock market? Check out our latest video where we dive into the underwhelming yet promising sector on the ASX. Discover why small caps like Afterpay and Macquarie Technology caught our attention and have delivered impressive returns! Don't miss out, watch the full video now!

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What are the best-performing markets in the ASX over the last ten years?

The highest-performing markets on the ASX are mining/resources, healthcare, and technology. Blue chip mining stocks on the ASX, such as BHP Billiton (BHP), Rio Tinto (RIO) and Fortescue Metals Group (FMG), have seen strong returns over the past decade, based on stronger commodity prices and lower costs. 

Healthcare has also been a strong performer due to Australia's ageing population and increasing demand for medical services. Technology stocks were bolstered by the rise of digital technologies and may remain a high-performance market over the next ten years.

ASX Sectors and Industries

We hand pick the best stocks in each sector for our subscribers.

What impacts the ASX market?

A range of different factors can impact the ASX market. Some of the most common impacts include global economic conditions, political events and changes in monetary policy. Other elements, including company performance and news announcements, may affect the share prices of individual stocks. Furthermore, movements in other global markets can also impact the performance of the ASX as investors shift their focus to different assets.

How big is the ASX market?

The ASX is the 15th largest stock exchange in the world, with a total market capitalisation of $2.4 trillion. It also contains the fifth-largest pool of pension assets and is ranked first globally regarding its number of secondary offerings. Today, more than 2,200 companies are listed on the ASX, roughly 270 of which are international businesses. Investors have seen an average 8% return over the past ten years (2011 - 2020).

How can I start investing in the ASX market?

Before you invest in the ASX market, you should develop a strategy based on your goals and risk tolerance. Once you have established a plan of action, you can develop an investment approach that best serves your needs.

Under the Radar Report provides the groundwork you need to understand your best investment options. Our weekly and biweekly reports are 100% independent and provide well-analysed statements about whether to buy, hold or sell your stock. You do not need to be a market expert or command expertise in a specific industry. By subscribing to Under the Radar Report, you'll get a one-stop shop for all your needs.

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