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Our Top 10 Small Caps over 10 years

Outstanding returns: The Best Shares to Buy for performance are Small Caps. The average return on our Top 10 Best Stocks To Buy is 1,350%!

1. Pilbara Minerals (PLS) + 1,462%

First tipped at $0.32 now $4.92

2. Northern Star Resources (NST) + 970%

First tipped at $0.83 now $7.77!

3. Nick Scali (NCK) + 931%

First tipped at $1.40 now $10.77!

4. Macquarie Telecom (MAQ) + 668%

First tipped at $8.15 now $60.25!

5. Data3 (DTL) + 631%

First tipped at $0.99 now $6.43!

5. Data3 (DTL) + 631%

First tipped at $0.99 now $6.43!

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7. City Chic Collective (CCX) + 623.5%

First tipped at $0.48 now $3.40!

8. Evolution Mining (EVN) + 581.9%

First tipped at $0.72 now $4.41!

9. Enero (EGG) + 557.5%

First tipped at $0.60 now $3.64!

10. Data3 (DTL) + 553.2%

First tipped at $0.99 now $5.94!

Small Caps are the TOP performing FAST GROWTH Small Companies BEFORE they are household names.

We look for stocks that produce double-digit plus return on equity. The compounding effect of that on a small asset base is much greater than for a bigger one. With the right small cap, with the right management and the right project, you can make exponential returns.  

It’s no accident that we have produced an average return of 66.2% over more than 300 different buy recommendations over 11 years. Just look at our returns on # PLS, # PDN, #NST, #AKE and #KAR.

Richard Hemming, Founder & Editor, Under the Radar Report

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