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Welcome to Stocks and Beers with Rich, I’m Rich, Founder of Under the Radar Report. Join me investing $500 each month following our Building Wealth From Scratch In the Stock Market course.

What a start to 2024 we’ve had. We’re literally in a bidding frenzy, with our ASX Small Cap stocks spiking 30% or more, most times in a matter of days. Today for example AVA (ASX:AVA) spiked 24% on news it’s signing a deal with Telstra. Before I get to a couple of stocks we’re buying, the big news is that we’ve embarked on a “#GetRichWithRich” campaign.

30-Minute Portfolio Checklist
The first thing to note is that this is part of the half an hour I spend every Friday with Caroline where we review our stock portfolios. We use the checklist strategy that’s part of our Building Wealth From Scratch course. Yes, it’s a practical way to build and maintain your share portfolio. If we didn’t do it, we certainly wouldn’t advise anyone else to do it.

Join me! #GetRichWithRich

Which gets me to the #GetRichWithRich campaign. What does this involve? Well, I’m doing the $500 Strategy, which is part of our Building Wealth From Scratch course, only I’m fast tracking it. Instead of investing $500 a month, I’m investing $500 a week. We are all about  the pathway to Building Wealth.

40+ ASX Small Cap + Blue Chip Stocks: We’re personally investing $1,000 in every one
The other thing we’re doing is investing $1000 dollars in every stock we recommend to buy. That’s over 40 small caps and mid-caps in Under the Radar Report and 11 in Blue Chip Value that we currently have buy recommendations on.

We’ve always been investing in the ASX Shares we’ve been recommending because we know that the point of investing is being practical and being practical means putting your money where your mouth is!

Reporting Season for ASX Stocks
Don’t forget, we’ve got reporting season coming up, so we’ll be watching every stock we recommend like a hawk and updating you on all the big and small moves and the important points for investors.

M&A Bidding Frenzy
I mentioned the bidding frenzy on our ASX Small Cap shares. That’s a product of small companies being in the doldrums and investors recognising value.

I’m a buyer! TWO Small Caps to Buy
Two companies in this week’s report are worth mentioning because I reckon they’re great opportunities. I’m a buyer! Airtaster (ART) and Ansarada (AND).

Airtasker is basically an jobs outsourcing vehicle that has traction in Australia and a foothold in the UK, a possibly a toe hold in the US. I’ve met the CEO and Tim Fung is an impressive guy. He’s young and learns quickly, like Airtasker. The vehicle has leverage and if he gets it right, it’s got a lot of legs. There is significant risk.

Ansarada (AND) is also a company that is young and is maturing quickly and might I add nicely. The company operates virtual data rooms. We all know how important data security is and these guys service the big end of town. It’s increasing sophistication, which is why our analyst likes its prospects.

Building Wealth is our core purpose
At Under the Radar Report, we exist to give people a pathway to build wealth. We’re also an independent stock research house, backed by an analyst team with over 150 years of collective experience. All we care about is making money for subscribers, which is summed up in #GetRichWithRich.

Start Building Wealth In the Stock Market From Scratch today with me!

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Richard Hemming

Richard Hemming

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Richard is a leading market commentator and expert on ASX Small Caps provides investment opportunities in Small Caps that you won’t get anywhere else.

Under the Radar Report is licensed to give general financial advice only (ASFL: 409518). The author does not own shares in any of the stocks mentioned.

Under the Radar Report is licensed to give general financial advice only (ASFL: 409518). The author does not own shares in any of the stocks mentioned.

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